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Product Listing Description AI Writing Assistant for Etsy Sellers

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Your ultimate AI-powered assistant to help you craft engaging product listing descriptions and spark promotional ideas for your latest creation. Get ready to kiss the struggle of writing captivating product listings goodbye with our custom GPT tailored to Etsy shop owners and small business owners.

Key Features:

  • Product Listing Creation: Effortlessly generate insightful and engaging product listings Streamline your writing process with AI-driven efficiency.
  • Interactive Promotion Suggestions: Get creative suggestions for social media and blog post ideas
  • User-Friendly Interface: A simple, intuitive platform that requires no technical expertise. Focus on your creating awesome products and let our AI assist you with copywriting and promotional ideas.


  • Time-Saving and Efficient: Dramatically reduce the time and effort needed to create high-quality product listings.

Ideal For:

  • Etsy shop owners, Solopreneurs, and Online Business Owners

*Please note that this custom GPT is designed to work with ChatGPT+ and you will need an account to use this tool.

This is a digital item and no physical items will be mailed.

You will get a PDF (288KB) file