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Positive Affirmations for Youth with Custom Canva Frames

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If you're a self-publisher creating resources for teens or young adults, our 30 Done-For-You Affirmations with Custom Canva Frames is the perfect addition to your collection. These affirmations are designed to help young people develop a positive mindset and boost their self-confidence, while the custom Canva frames allow you to create unique coloring pages and printables.

Ways to use it

There are many ways you can use our affirmations with custom Canva frames in your self-published resources for teens and young adults. Here are just a few examples:

  1. Create a coloring pages that includes our affirmations. Simply drag and drop your favorite coloring page graphics.
  2. Use our affirmations in a journal or planner. Incorporate our affirmations into daily prompts or reflection exercises to help young people develop a positive mindset and improve their self-confidence.
  3. Create classroom resources that promote positive thinking. Use our affirmations and custom Canva frames to create posters, handouts, or worksheets that inspire young people to embrace a growth mindset and work towards their goals.


1 PDF File that contains a link to the Canva template that includes:

30 done-for-you positive affirmation quotes

Drag and drop Canva frames which allows you to add your own images

The template works with both free and paid Canva accounts. 

Sized for 8.5x11 inch paper 


◆ You may use this template for unlimited personal projects and on physical end products for sale. 

◆ You may use this template to sell digital products in a flattened non-editable format ONLY such as JPEG, PNG, or PDF.

◆ You may also use it to create promotional graphics for your small business.

◆ You may not resell, share, or redistribute this template file itself.  

You will get a PDF (2MB) file